The DIY Games Room at Canzine

10 Oct The DIY Games Room at Canzine

The indie bubble of Canzine beleaguered by corporate invaders. (Just kidding, it’s Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime).

Canzine is an indie culture fair put on every year by Broken Pencil. Its main focus is zines, but it’s also welcomed indie games in the past, and it’s a great place to meet indie creators from the arts and music scene who are excited to collaborate.

This year D-Pad curator Skot Deeming is hosting a games room for people to play local videogames (like Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime) and boardgames (like We Are Legion, an Anonymous-themed co-op). The Torontron Highroller and the Torontron Twinstick will be there as well. On the international front, queer gamemaker and diversity advocate Anna Anthropy will be there signing copies of her excellent book Rise of the Videogame Zinesters alongside some of her games. She’ll also be doing a Dames Making Games workshop at Bento Miso on the 19th and a Digifest talk on the 20th.

It’s happening on Sunday October 21st from 1pm-7pm at the 918 Bathurst Centre, just north of Bathurst and Bloor in Toronto. Full details on the DIY Games Room here.

Volunteer opportunities: If you can help out on the day, email Skot. If you have an old computer to donate to the Torontron project, email Jim. Both get you closer to full Hand Eye Society membership!