The Hand Eye Society is a Toronto not-for-profit dedicated to supporting and showcasing videogames made primarily as a form of creative expression. Founded in 2009  by Raigan Burns, Jon Mak, Jim McGinley, Jim Munroe, Mare Sheppard, & Miguel Sternberg, it is the first videogame arts organization in the world.

Board of Directors: Alex Jansen, Emma Scratch, Miguel Sternberg
Executive Director: Jim Munroe
Former Board Members: Jim McGinley, Craig D. Adams, Jon Mak, Raigan Burns, Mark Rabo, Mare Sheppard, Alex Hayter, Sagan Yee

Current and ongoing projects include Game Curious, the TORONTRON Indie Arcade Cabinets, Comics VS Games, and a variety of member-powered exhibitions and educational programs.

If your question is not answered below, feel free to contact us at info at handeyesociety dot com.