06 Feb New Logo Design and T-Shirt for Annual Members!

Since we first started offering paid memberships in May, we have given annual dues-payers a special bonus Hand Eye Society t-shirt. With all the changes around here, we figured it was time for a fresh new design!


We think this graphic is the perfect metaphor for how we are all, deep down, a big-eyed controller-head creature being embraced by two giant hands. Its unnerving cuteness comes courtesy of the hugely talented Josh Holinaty, who has this to say about himself:
I was born. I played many a video game and drew many a drawing while growing up. After high school I pursued a BFA and graduated from ACAD in Calgary. Moved to Edmonton shortly thereafter and worked as an illustrator and taught illustration at a local college. Now I live in Toronto where my partner is getting her masters at the UofT. Right now I’m still a full-time illustrator and in my spare time I’m curiously trying to develop games. I believe games can be healthy good fun for everyone. I think cats are cool but I don’t have one … yet.
If you were considering membership, now’s a great time — not only will you be supporting our many programs and initiatives, if you choose to pay Annually, you’ll get a free t-shirt with the above design in addition to members-only voting rights in our upcoming annual general meeting. We are also hoping to steadily increase the number of regular workshops and programming we offer, so members can look forward to some excellent discounts when we start rolling those out.

More news aka how Sagan spent her Saturday afternoon:

  • I’ve updated the Volunteer and Membership information on the Join the Society page, to make it easier for those wanting to get involved with specific projects and to learn more about where your membership dues go.
  • Members will be getting a special discount promo code in their inbox for our upcoming FebMoVid co-screening of Full Motion Video games, interactive cinema, and Captain Power at the Royal Cinema on College.
  • Game Curious is coming up soon, and it’s back in the downtown core! If you’d like to help out, consider registering to volunteer.
  • Stay tuned for more changes coming to the website (including the addition of Hand Eye Society Ball and Artsy Games Incubators to the Initiatives section) as well as possibly upcoming game design monthly meetup and workshop news! Even better: RSVP for our Annual General Meeting to add your input directly.


Got questions? Get in touch at: info@handeyesociety.com