16 Sep #HESBall16 2nd Wave! Even More Games, Music and Mystery at the Masonic Temple Next Week

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8 DAYS TO THE 3rd ANNUAL HAND EYE SOCIETY BALL! As promised, here’s the other half of our games and music lineup (you can read all about the first six games announced here). We’ve got hilarious, intriguing tests of competition and cooperation for a variety of skill levels, including a single-button novelty, a ten-player cat puzzler, and — befitting the Masonic Temple’s mysterious interior — a gathering so secretive that not even the organisers know much about it…

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Evan Greenwood & Jason Sutherland / South Africa / Unreleased

With gloriously wonky physics and a simple one-button control scheme, it’s no wonder Criquette is the second-most popular sport in the world! One player winds up the ball and tries to toss it at the wicket (or “wiquette”) while the other player tries to stop them with their bat. These are the rules most of the time.


Brolly Folly
Alexander Perrin / Australia / 2015 (Canadian Premiere!)

Defend the honour of your food stand business the only way umbrellas know how – with an aerial joust! Sort out your quarrels with up to four players in a fluster of flaps, twirls and precision stabs. May the swiftest Brolly reign supreme! Sound and score by Dom Willmott.


Pico Park
TECO / Japan / 2015

This deceptively cute “cooperative” puzzler might just make enemies of the best of friends, or friends of the strangest strangers. Up to ten players must work together as a team to unlock a door so everyone can escape to the next level. It’s like herding tiny, rainbow-coloured cats!


Nothing Good Can Come Of This
Cartwheel Games / USA / 2016

It’s a scenario straight out of a movie thriller: Two players, trapped in a room with a gun and a single bullet. The game’s starkly minimalist violence is offset by a hidden Easter Egg, but can you find it without killing each other first?


Annual General Mischief
Little Dada & Alanna Predko

Whence come you and whither are you travelling? Cast your vote in the Red Room. Control the British Crown. Keep the metric system down.

Finally, here’s a quick reference to the games we announced earlier in our Monday mega-post:


Alongside Scarlet Spades and C418 will be several artists whom we’re excited to feature once again at this year’s Ball! Check it:


dualryanBrooding sound with a dark atmospheric tone. Indie game music composer extraordinaire. Great hair.


Ryan Henwood‘s aural melodies have spread from the cosmic sounds of Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime to the dark gritty atmospheres of Cryptark and beyond.  What new sonic wizardry will he cast next?  Oh… and he has a cool mask.


Coins is the electronic act of Peter Chapman, whose work has been featured in everything from Sesame Street and Bomb Girls to Guacamelee and a whole bunch of other awesome things!  Get ready for his live Modular synthesizer mashed with electro chip time party jams.


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With the help of Hand Eye Society staff and volunteers, Sagan Yee and Jim Munroe curated the games with invaluable suggestions from like-minded videogame arts advisors and curators from across the world:

Kitty (BROEIKAS, Utrecht), Pietro (Milano Game Festival), Jonatan (GDC Europe’s Innovative Games Showcase), Carolyn (Mount Royal Game Society), Lorenzo (A MAZE Berlin), Tanya (Pixelles, Montreal), Ben (Glitch City, LA), Annie (Game Developers Association of Australia), Louis Roots (SK Games, Perth), Chad (Freeplay / Hovergarden, Melbourne), Holly and Jo (Now Play This, London), Lujan (Game on! El arte en juego, Buenos Aires), Robert (No Quarter, NYC), Heather (Kokoromi), Paolo (Molleindustria, Pittsburgh), Patrick Smith (Vector Park, Brooklyn), Doug (Die Gute Fabrik, NYC), & Saleem (KOOP Mode, Montreal).

Thanks to you all, and please get in touch if we missed anyone!