Game-Making Workshops

Our current/upcoming 6-week workshop is Extraordinary Mind Games with Workman Arts, taking place fall 2016. Registration is open until Sept 2. Open to applicants with lived experience of mental health and addiction. Click here for more information!

Past Workshops

Game Curious MAKE (2014-2016)

Starting in 2014 with the help of a Trillium Foundation grant, we were able to add 6-week game-making workshops for first time creators to our Game Curious curriculum. Please see the main GC page for details on individual sessions and the games that were made.

  • Game Curious MAKE #2: Toronto Reference Library (2014)
  • Game Curious MAKE #3: Glendower, Scarborough (2015)
  • Game Curious MAKE #4: Villaways, North York (2015)
  • Game Curious MAKE #5: Ryerson Transmedia Zone (2016)

AGI: Animation Edition (2014)

The Artsy Games Incubator: Animation Edition was a 6-week game making workshop for animators that we ran as a partnership with the Toronto Animated Image Society.

The Difference Engine Initiative (2011)

We ran two game-making incubators for women as part of the OMDC-supported TIFF Nexus. Its goal was to introduce new gamemakers from underrepresented groups into the community.

Original Artsy Games Incubators (2007-2009)

A small group of Torontonian game-makers, some of whom would later become the founders of the Hand Eye Society, first began running these 6-week game-making sessions in 2007. Inspired by traditional writer’s circles, this model proved to be an effective environment for game creation and exploration, and we have continued to use it as part of our Game Curious initiative and other programs.

Do you have an idea for a workshop you’d like to see, or perhaps run yourself? We welcome ideas and potential coordinators for all game-related topics including coding, specific software, art and design, and more.