WordPlay Artist Support Material

This is a gameplay video of one game under consideration, The Yawhg, made by Toronto developer Damien Sommer in collaboration with Emily Carroll. The voices are not part of the game, but rather there to give you a sense of the dynamics it creates — especially at the end, where the complicity created with the player is unique to an interactive form.

This is a gameplay video of one game under consideration, Unmanned, written and co-produced by Toronto developer No Media Kings. The first 3 minutes will give you a sense of how the game is putting you into the shoes of a UAV drone pilot, the newest and most abstracted form of soldier.

Here are some screenshots from some of the games under consideration. Click to see the full image.

Additional Video Support Material

Below is some video documentation of events and initiatives we have done.

A partnership exhibition of several music games at Toronto Long Winter, supported by the Toronto Arts Council.

The Difference Engine Initiative was a 2011 Hand Eye project we were able to partner with the Toronto International Film Fest for.

We did an installation for Nuit Blanche in 2010 called the Arcadian Renaissance.


The Hand Eye Society both initiated and have consistently innovated in making videogames an integral and respectable part of our broader cultural fabric. Peerless community organizers, they set the stage for what I believe is one of the most important new movements in global games culture: showcasing achievements on a hyper-local level, making games part of civic pride, and helping independent and personally-driven development become a sustainable and flourishing business. All of us, everywhere else in the world, are still simply following the trails they’ve blazed.
— Brandon Boyer, Chairman of the Independent Games Festival, Austin TX

The Hand Eye Society has helped to establish a context in Toronto for the creation and exhibition of locally-made, progressive and experimental projects in the DIY videogame space. When the discussion around videogames is about creating meaning and worth (ie: when the economic aspects are deliberately backgrounded) new interdisciplinary friendships are possible and new opportunities for creative expression can emerge. It’s no coincidence that in recent years Toronto has become known for the output of its now-thriving and highly-collaborative DIY videogame community.
–Craig D. Adams, Superbrothers Inc., Toronto ON