2012: Level Complete

31 Dec 2012: Level Complete

Before we say goodbye to the past year, we thought we’d do a quick round up of some of the highlights of Hand Eye Society activity in 2012:

Thanks to the amazing volunteers and partners who made all this stuff possible, in particular Alex Bethke, Skot Deeming, Jaime Woo, David Fono, Randy Orenstein, Thao Lam, Emily Claire Afan, TCAF, Bento Miso, After Dark, the Monarch Tavern and TIFF!

We did fewer Socials this year to give us the bandwidth to do infrastructural stuff like bylaw-writing (feel free to propose a Social speaker/theme for 2013 — give our FAQ a read for the deets). Other behind-the-scenes work we did last year has borne fruit with some exciting new partnerships, which we’ll be announcing in the months to come. The first one we’ll be posting about in the next couple of days — can’t give too much away, but it’ll help us get through these long winters we have…