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13 Feb Tickets On Sale: Systems and Simulators Unity Workshop

Use simple AI to breath life into your game world! Learn how to create needs that cause your virtual characters to interact with the world in ways that are unpredictable and emergent. Using a basic artificial intelligence framework for Unity3D called NeedSim Life Simulator (provided by...

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07 Feb FebMoVid #3: More Than A Movie, Not Just A Game!

Once again, videogames and movies collide as The Hand Eye Society joins forces with The Laser Blast Film Society and Tough Guy Mountain for the third annual FebMoVid (February Motion Video)! This time we celebrate the bizarre era of interactive cinema and Full Motion Video (FMV) games with a two-part...

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04 Feb Experimental Game Design Workshops 2018

Almost any artistic medium you can think of can, in some fashion, be folded into games: Cinema, animation, literature, music, sculpture, architecture, you name it; not to mention other fields of study like economics, political theory, philosophy or urban planning! But the secret ingredient that...

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