Volunteer Ops: Symphonic, Artsy and Punk

26 Jan Volunteer Ops: Symphonic, Artsy and Punk


The Hand Eye Society’s Annual General Meeting is in the spring, and if you’d like to attend and vote as a full member of the Society all you have to do is donate ten hours of volunteer time to videogame culture projects in the city over the last year. We’re involved with a couple of events coming up that will allow you to do just that.

Email jim@handeyesociety.com if any of the following interest you:

  • The Toronto Symphony Orchestra has invited the Torontrons for the intermission/afterparty of their Arcadiac show at Roy Thompson Hall in early March, as well as some other shows in their New Creations series.  We’re looking for people to attend the ‘Trons and help people play the games (and yes we’ll train you). Volunteers will get in free to the show.
  • We were talking to the ArtStarts people (an arts not-for-profit that among other things, makes community murals that don’t suck — see above) and they are interested in connecting with game creators. They have a program where they send artists in to various communities around Toronto to get them to talk about what they make to youth. There’s a small honorarium if chosen.
  • We’re curating music games (Sound Shapes among them!) again for the great multidiscipinary series Toronto Long Winter this Friday Feb. 8th. If you didn’t check it the first time, check out the awesome vid documenting last month. We can use volunteers for two hours shifts throughout the night to help people with the games.