15 Aug Games Chosen for Waterfront Arcade 2017

We asked GTA game makers to submit their best-suited games for the great outdoors, and they delivered! After rigorous play-testing and lively debates over vegan pizza, we’re pleased to announce our selections for the Waterfront Arcade on Friday, August 18. Was a real nail-biter narrowing down our top picks, since many of the games were loaded with interesting multiplayer mechanics. Big thanks to all who entered and special shout-outs to those who made the innovative decision to use a browser-based mobile game tool! Tres chic.

We’re projecting in a park like we did last year, at Sherbourne Common (right beside the George Brown building on Queen’s Quay) with two huge projectors beaming local videogames right onto the side of buildings. We’ll also be featuring 2 physical games custom-made for running around in the great outdoors.

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Facebook has the wrong address for Sherbourne Common — it’s actually 67 Dockside Dr. However the visual map location is correct!

Without further ado, we’re happy to congratulate the game makers selected for this year’s arcade. Game makers will be receiving a $200 artist fee and our undying gratitude. Come relax in a park, give these analog/digital games a whirl, and enjoy the last fleeting moments of summer!

Waterfront Arcade’s 2017 Selection

SHU’S GARDEN (Jason RT Bond & Colin Sanders)

As Shu, a space-cactus of the bouncy persuasion, you spring from planet to planet, spreading plant life and finding new friends. Create a forest! Enjoy a splash in a pond! Play tag with a bee! Make weird hybrid plants! Launch a giraffe into orbit!

Shu’s Garden is a fully open playground with no hard goals, scores or missions. Just kick back, explore and experiment in this space-garden full of friends, foliage, and fun.


Descend into tubes, pass through hoops, avoid moving walls and smash windows into pieces. In the Depths to Which I Sink, stereoscopic 3D is an integral part of the gameplay – not just graphics. It’s impossible to play without 3D glasses. Your screen becomes a cube, and you will feel like you’re floating inside of it. The goals and objectives force the player to think in Z – not just X and Y. The Depths to Which I Sink uses 3D to enrich gameplay and the player’s experience.

FLOCK TOGETHER (Alexander Hulsmeier, Jesse Baker, Joshua Bresler, Benjamin d’Abadie, Liam McAlinden)

Flock Together is a game where birds must work together to stay in formation, and avoid imminent death via meteor shower. Flock Together supports unlimited local players, who connect to the game using a phone, tablet, or any device that can connect via web browser.

BLEED 2 (Bootdisk Revolution)

Bleed 2 is a relentless arcade action game featuring air-dodging, bullet-reflecting, and tons of bosses.

Wryn is the world’s greatest (and only remaining) hero. Help her battle an invading force of villains and live up to her title as the Greatest Hero of All Time!

JUGGER (Evan & Valkyrie Savage)

Jugger is based on a post-apocalyptic 80s movie, and is now an international sport. To win you must fight through the opposing team to place a foam skull in the goal while dodging swings from foam weapons. It is fast-paced and requires teamwork, coordination, and spatial awareness to succeed. If you’re looking for a fast and exciting alternative sport, Jugger is the way to go. 


Games for Giants is a series of simple childhood games/toys blown up to giant proportions and converted to team sports.