22 Sep FAQ for Saturday’s Fancy Videogame Party!


Three days away to our annual Hand Eye Society Ball! Where not only people dress fancy, but even the games get spruced up — like the amazing custom version of Last One Standing pictured above!

Are there tickets left?

Yes! Currently we’re about 85% sold out but it’s not too late to invite more friends; some of these games support up to 10 players, so the more the merrier!

Is there a dress code?

This is probably one of our most asked questions! There is no strict or enforced dress code, but we do encourage people to put the “fancy” in “fancy videogame party” if they feel like it. Whatever that word means to you, feel free to wear it!

Will there be food and drink?

Death In Venice Gelato will be providing both cold treats and light eats (cash and credit), and there will be bar stations (cash only) where you can purchase pop, water, juice ($2), craft beer tall cans and cocktails ($7) and wine ($8). 

What kind of games will be there?

In case you missed our last few announcements, you can find the complete list of games with screenshots and summaries here and here. Most of the games were meant to be played in a crowded setting with multiple people and are fairly accessible for people with a wide range of gaming experience. If you need help with a particular game, just ask a volunteer!

What’s this Red Room I keep hearing about?

Ssshh! Not so loud… There might be a secret meeting in progress. However, if you really want to know, try asking a volunteer, a friendly stranger, or a figure in cloaked garb where the 100-year-old elevator is…

What the hell are these things for?


Move along, move along, nothing to see here.

Will there be WiFi?

Yes; the network and password will be displayed somewhere in the lobby area. Use of the #HESBall16 hashtag is encouraged!

Is there parking in the area?

There’s no venue parking, but there is some street parking on Davenport. Don’t park in the Canadian Tire lot as it closes early and traps cars. That being said, the venue is just a few minute’s walk from Bloor-Yonge Station if you’re taking the TTC.

What else does the Hand Eye Society do when you’re not throwing parties?

We’re a non-profit videogame arts organization that runs a variety of cultural and educational programming year-round, some of which is supported by your ticket purchase! Some of these activities include game-making workshops, social meetups, annual festivals and partnerships with other artistic communities both local and international. Visit our Programs and Initiatives page for more information, and consider subscribing to our e-mail newsletter, Facebook group and Twitter feed to get news fast. You might also consider becoming a member!




You will need to bring your Universe ticket with a QR code and unique alphanumber underneath, preferably printed out to minimize fumbling with devices. Each ticket is good for ONE scan at the door, after which you will need a hand stamp for re-entry. No tickets at the door, sadly, but email us at info@handeyesociety.com if you absolutely can’t manage to buy one online.

There is no guest list and we don’t check names, so transferring is a simple matter of giving someone else your ticket as long as it hasn’t been already scanned. 


This is a 19+ event and we will be checking ID at the door.


You’ll need $2 for coat check and extra cash for food and drink. There is an ATM onsite by the elevator landing on the main level and another at the convenience store across the parkette on Scollard Street.


We have a Safe Spaces Policy which will be enforced and violators ejected. If you experience or witness harassment, contact any of the volunteers who will be prominently wearing an easily identifiable coloured light (a glowstick around the neck, for example). We will also have Safe Spaces Officers who are available to take down reports, and hired security onsite.