Difference Engine Social Photos

07 Oct Difference Engine Social Photos

Monday’s event featuring the games by the women of the first Difference Engine Initiative incubator went really well. People got to play from a eclectic variety of perspectives: a Victorian eloper, a white girl rapper, a Yeti, a noir girl geek, an anatomy skeleton, a salsa gardener, an Icarus with dad issues, and a unicorn pooping colour trails. But if you missed it, don’t worry: you can play the games when they’re released online October 31st, and you can check out some of the pics below.

DEI co-coordinator Mare MC'ed the evening...

...where the participants presented their games...

...and people enjoyed them.

Special guest Erin Robinson did a talk that ended with a demo of her new secrit game project...

...and bountiful applause.

Delightful Socializing ensued.

Want more? Check out Arun’s full photoset of the event!

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