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Iteration Not Hibernation!

We’re not doing a Hand Eye Social in February, so we’re co-presenting D-Pad instead. D-Pad is a new series at Interaccess, an art gallery that has hosted the Torontron, put on by Skot Deeming, the organizer of Winnipeg’s Data Dances and other videogame event goodness.

Friday Feb. 3rd, door at 8pm (performances at 9:30)
Interaccess Gallery (9 Ossington Ave. at Queen W.)

Check out the Interaccess page and the Facebook page.

Hand Eye Social: GPC’s Birthday Party

Mon. Dec 5th, 7pm
The Gladstone Hotel, Melody Room

Join the Hand Eye Society and the Game Prototype Challenge as they come together for the December Social.  Try out some of the games made for past versions of the Challenge and talk to some of the developers that have taken part, and get inspired to make your own games. 

The Social is also a kick-off event for the tenth iteration of the Challenge, #GPCv10, and a birthday party for the event which is celebrating its one-year anniversary with this Challenge.  Perhaps you’ll find that you too can make a game, and join the ranks of Challengers of the GPC.  We hope to see you there!

Difference Engine Social Photos

Monday’s event featuring the games by the women of the first Difference Engine Initiative incubator went really well. People got to play from a eclectic variety of perspectives: a Victorian eloper, a white girl rapper, a Yeti, a noir girl geek, an anatomy skeleton, a salsa gardener, an Icarus with dad issues, and a unicorn pooping colour trails. But if you missed it, don’t worry: you can play the games when they’re released online October 31st, and you can check out some of the pics below.

DEI co-coordinator Mare MC'ed the evening...

...where the participants presented their games...

...and people enjoyed them.

Special guest Erin Robinson did a talk that ended with a demo of her new secrit game project...

...and bountiful applause.

Delightful Socializing ensued.

Want more? Check out Arun’s full photoset of the event!

Curious to see what what went down in the actual incubator sessions? Check out participant recaps of sessions one, two and three!

Hand Eye Social: The Difference Engine Games

Monday October 3rd, 7pm
Ballroom of the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen Street W.)

The first round of the Difference Engine Initiative, a six week gamemaking incubator for women, is nearly over and we will be presenting the games that they made at this Hand Eye Society Social for the community to play!

Most of the creators will be in attendance and Mare Sheppard, co-coordinator of the DEI, will be hosting the evening. In addition to the usual drinking and chatting, this Social also features a special guest from Chicago, Erin Robinson, who will be doing a presentation touching on her experiences as a game developer (including Puzzle Bots and the freeware Nanobots) as well as her role helping highschool girls make games.

The first and second rounds of the Difference Engine Initiative are part of the OMDC-funded TIFF Nexus.

Reminder: Hand Eye Social Tonight!

Hey everyone! For tonight’s Hand Eye Social at—wait for it!—the Melody Room at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON), we’ve got three awesome games from three awesome guys from New York, introduced by founder & IGF Chairman Brandon Boyer aka @brandonnn.

Join us from 20:00 – 23:00.

More Info:

Ramiro Corbetta, aka @RamiroCorbetta, with audio by Nathan Tompkins.
Hokra is a minimalist sports game about competition and cooperation. Commissioned by the NYU Game Center for the 2011 No Quarter Exhibition.

Matt Parker, aka @madparker
Recurse is a manic game of twisting bodies, quick reactions, and iteration. Commissioned by the NYU Game Center for the 2010 No Quarter Exhibition.

Miracle Adventures in 2113
Noah Sasso, aka @getdizzzy
Miracle Adventures in 2113 is a psychedelic experimental action game with one fist in the bullet hell/shmup tradition.

Sure, it’s the 4th of July, but we promise there will be no Celine Dion singing God Bless America. We can’t promise there won’t be boys singing like cats. See you there!

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