04 Aug Be a Beta Buddy: Play Games & Earn Membership

Interested in playing games before they're released, and telling the game creators what you think? We can help you out. Want people to play your game and get their feedback? We can help you too! We're starting the Beta Buddy Program to help game creators get the feedback they...

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Unexpected games in unexpected places!

18 Jan Open Call for Outdoor Videogame Ideas

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last year, we started the “To the Streets” initiative where we experimented with ways to bring games to the streets of Toronto. This year, we’re looking to kick the project into high gear with a more focused exploration into the idea of an outdoor arcade. Once...

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22 Dec To the Streets Meeting on Jan. 7th Our "To the Streets" initiative is about bringing games into unique public spaces. In 2014 we did it mostly on the down-low, experimenting with different approaches and models, but you can watch the great 4 minute video piece Curio did documenting our first iteration. Keep an eye out for...

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02 Sep How You Can Help the Game Curious? Program

"What kind of movies do you like?" "I don't like movies. Too violent." Sounds silly, right? But that conversation happens all the time, just with "games" instead of "movies". Lots of people confuse a single well-known genre with the totality of the medium. But we believe there's a...

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06 Aug Free Gamemaking Incubator for Writers, One Week to Apply

The Artsy Games Incubator: Writing Edition is focused on writers of all stripes -- novelists, journalists, bloggers, scriptwriters, zinesters, poets -- who are interested in the expressive possibilities of videogames, but who have little to no experience with programming or gamemaking software. Meeting once a week for six weeks,...

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