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Annual General Meeting Minutes and Photos


Our AGM earlier this month was easily our grandest to date, held in the august halls of U of T’s Hart House. The presentation featured progress reports from Hand Eye Society project coordinators and the exciting announcement that our Game Curious program has been awarded multi-year Trillium funding. We’ll have a report on last year’s successful prototype of Game Curious soon.


Between the presentation and the AGM proper was a chance for people to chat and interconnect.

The AGM itself was chaired by Miguel Sternberg. Sternberg was reelected for a second term on the board of directors, and Alex Jansen was elected for the first time. The minutes are here.

After the AGM, we had the “Airing of the Grievances,” where a few points of constructive criticism about the organization were brought up and discussed.

Photos: Stephen Reese. The space and refreshments were provided courtesy of the the Hancock Lecture Series, which this year focuses on uses of games and play in public policy. 

RSVP For Our 2014 Annual General Meeting

Debates Room

We’re having our 2014 AGM a week from this Sunday. This year, we’re doing it in U of T’s Hart House, in the Debates Room pictured above. (We expect a vigorous debate over who will get to sit in the royal chair to the bottom left.)

All are welcome for the opening presentation and discussion. If you have volunteered in 2013 or are interested in possibly volunteering in the future, you are especially encouraged to attend!

Sun. Jan 12, 1pm
Hart House, University of Toronto
7 Hart House Circle
Debates Room, 2nd Floor
Light refreshments provided.
RSVP here (survey completion optional).

We will be starting with an open-to-everyone presentation of our 2014 slate of projects, and the partners that make it possible. (Thanks to everyone who completed the Community Survey, which gave the board guidance on which projects to prioritize as well as identified potential coordinators and volunteers.)

After that there will be a chance for people to chat — this is a great time to get to know the coordinators and other volunteers for the individual projects.

Finally, the AGM proper will be held, open only to Hand Eye Society members. As well as the usual business (see our 2013 minutes for what to expect) we will be considering several new board members for two year terms: new nominees are Alex Hayter, Sagan Yee, and Alex Jansen. Miguel Sternberg will be running for a second term, and will be Chairing the meeting. Mare Sheppard and Jim Munroe’s terms are ending, but Munroe is staying on as Executive Director. The full AGM Agenda will be sent prior to the meeting to those that RSVP.

You qualify for Hand Eye Society membership if you have volunteered 10 hours in 2013 to any game culture project in town (ie. not just one of our programs), and you can register for it (and receive your card) at the beginning of the AGM. New members will also be given a promotional discount code for the Fancy Videogame Party that marks our 5th year! Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions about membership.

Proposed Activities for 2014: Your Thoughts?


Despite our name and the shadowy cabals it conjures up, the Hand Eye Society strives to be a transparent arts organization with an active dialogue with the community. (And we hardly ever murder our enemies!) We are currently planning our 2014 slate of activities — that’s right, the Fancy Videogame Party is only the beginning! — and we’d like to hear from you if you have 5 minutes to spare:

Take the Community Survey!

If any of the ideas get you particularly excited, you can also indicate how you’d like to get involved. You can also submit your own ideas for future Hand Eye projects.

We’d like to hear from you by Wed, Dec. 18 as that’s when the board will be discussing the survey results and making decisions to be announced in January’s Annual General Meeting:

Sun. Jan 12, 1pm
Hart House, U of T
Debates Room, 2nd Floor
Please RSVP for it in the survey.

The presentation prior to the AGM is open to the public, and will include an exciting announcement. The AGM itself is open only to members, but the minutes are posted publicly. Last year’s are here. You qualify for Hand Eye Society membership if you have volunteered 10 hours in 2013 to any game culture project in town (ie. not just one of our programs), and you can register for it (and receive your card) at the beginning of the AGM.

Annual General Meeting 2013 Recap

photo: Kaitlin Tremblay

Two weeks ago we had our 2013 AGM, and many fine Hand Eye Society members were good enough to spend a few hours inside on a lovely spring day to participate in our organization’s governance.

Prior to the AGM, there was a presentation. The slides and notes are here, but in brief it was about:

  • Refocusing: With the Hand Eye Society turning 5 in February, we wanted to take the opportunity to reassess what the community needs now. A lot of great projects have started since 2009, and the existing game community is well served with events happening all the time. So we’ve decided to discontinue the Socials in favour of a more outward-looking approach that will be both international in scope and cross-media. In practical terms, it means we’ll be starting to connect Toronto game folk with international communities, as well as continuing to connect the Toronto game community with other arts communities within Toronto.
  • Refreshing: We are looking to create a process of cycling in board members who share the vision of a stable arts organization, while keeping the sensibility we’ve established.  As we have no base funding for staff, we have a “working board” — each board member needs to take on the coordination of a project or initiative, so that those who are doing the work are also making the decisions. We are transitioning from a system where the board members are appointed (we recently appointed Alex Hayter and Sagan Yee to the board) to a system where board members are voted on by the membership (Emma Scratch was our first nominee, and was voted in unanimously).

The minutes for the AGM proper are available here, and our by-laws are available here. The 2014 AGM will be in January, and in November we will be doing a call out for proposals for initiatives or projects for the new year.

Thanks again to the participants, to the Academy of the Impossible for hosting, and to Kaitlin Tremblay for processing membership and photography.

RSVP For Our Annual General Meeting

Click for more pics of our last AGM at Bento

Our last AGM at Bento

The Hand Eye Society is nearing its 5th anniversary (our first Social happened in February 2009) and we’re going to be taking stock of where to go from here at our Annual General Meeting. Things have changed a lot since we started the project, and we need to explore what the community needs now as opposed to when we started — and to empower the people who have the fresh energy to make it happen.

If you have volunteered any time (to any game culture project in town, not just a HES event) since March 2012 or are interested in volunteering in the future, you are encouraged to attend. This is a great time to get involved and have a real impact on the organization.

Please RSVP here.

Sunday May 26th, 1pm
Academy of the Impossible
231 Wallace Ave, 10 min from Lansdowne station

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