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06 Feb AGM 2015: New Faces, Program Reports

Last Saturday was had our Annual General Meeting, where we voted in an unprecedented four new board members. Welcome Cindy, Chris, Sara and Adam! We also debuted our new webseries pilot about Toronto game culture, YYZ Gameshow, which is currently airing on Bell Fibe (channel 1217) and...

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29 Dec Our 2014 Activities & Tech Donations

If you scored some new gear these holidays, you might consider donating some of your old stuff to us: specifically, we're looking for Playstation 3s, flat-screen monitors/LCD TVs (22"+), and digital projectors to enhance our game literacy and exhibition programs. Email us at if you're...

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18 Nov Hand Eye Society Seeks Board Members

Position Title: Board of Directors Board Member Position Type: Volunteer 5 hours/month Position Start Date: January 2015 Location: Toronto The Hand Eye Society is a Toronto not-for-profit that showcases and facilitates the creation of videogames made primarily for creative expression. We run game creation incubators, inclusive game literacy programs...

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20 Jan Annual General Meeting Minutes and Photos

Our AGM earlier this month was easily our grandest to date, held in the august halls of U of T's Hart House. The presentation featured progress reports from Hand Eye Society project coordinators and the exciting announcement that our Game Curious program has been awarded...

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08 Jun Annual General Meeting 2013 Recap

Two weeks ago we had our 2013 AGM, and many fine Hand Eye Society members were good enough to spend a few hours inside on a lovely spring day to participate in our organization's governance. Prior to the AGM, there was a presentation. The slides and...

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09 May RSVP For Our Annual General Meeting

[caption id="attachment_3495" align="aligncenter" width="608"] Our last AGM at Bento[/caption] The Hand Eye Society is nearing its 5th anniversary (our first Social happened in February 2009) and we're going to be taking stock of where to go from here at our Annual General Meeting. Things have changed a lot since...

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31 Dec 2012: Level Complete

Before we say goodbye to the past year, we thought we'd do a quick round up of some of the highlights of Hand Eye Society activity in 2012: co-presentation of D-Pad Comics VS Games at Toronto Comic Arts Festival (press and panel video)  First Annual General Meeting First Outdoor Social New...

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