28 Sep Need Help Connecting with an Audience?

We've noticed in the community that people are facing real challenges with getting their game noticed these days. Unlike a few years ago, there are a lot of games being released -- the market is as saturated as other mediums like movies and music. Even the Heritage...

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22 Sep FAQ for Saturday’s Fancy Videogame Party!

Three days away to our annual Hand Eye Society Ball! Where not only people dress fancy, but even the games get spruced up -- like the amazing custom version of Last One Standing pictured above! Are there tickets left? Yes! Currently we’re about 85% sold out but it’s...

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09 Sep Teach a Russian Subway Dog New Tricks, Learn Unreal Skills

September's school-starting vibe gets people all excited about learning! Well, we're helping bring you two MORE events this month (in addition to the Stencyl workshops we announced) that'll learn you some serious game skills. For free! From the Introduction to Unreal Workshop Eventbrite page: Epic Evangelist Andy Hess will conduct...

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19 Aug Hand Eye Society Ball 2016 Tickets On Sale!

+++ Buy Tickets! +++ Already got your tickets? Please RSVP on the Facebook event and spread the word! UPDATE 1: First Six Games Announced, Sept 12! Cuphead / Line Wobbler / Multibowl / Last One Standing / VHS vs BETAMAX / Tilt Brush Pictionary VR UPDATE 2: Even More Games  and Music,...

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17 Aug Videogames Unraveled: A Knitting Circle Mini-Arcade [Video]

https://youtu.be/raaTBuaCzoY Missed our Videogames Unraveled event in April? Want to relive it, if only to see the screaming face sweater again? You're in luck, because YYZ Gameshow was there! Featuring the incomparable knitting talents of Brenna MacDonald from Yarns Untangled, the anxiety scarves of Tom Hobson, a virtual Knitting Simulator by...

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28 Jun Vector Festival and HES Member’s Discount

[caption id="attachment_24110" align="alignnone" width="558"] COLL.EO, still from The Fregoli Delusions: Chapter 1, machinima, colour, and sound (2016)[/caption] 4th Annual Vector Festival: Autonomous Agents As community partners, we at the Hand Eye Society are pleased to bring you a special announcement from Vector Festival and InterAccess! Vector Festival is a...

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16 Jun Comics vs Games: TCAF-feinated Recap!

Wow, Comics vs Games is already a month in the rearview mirror! Let’s take a look back at one of our most successful cross-disciplinary events, which takes place every year during the Toronto Comic Arts Festival at the Toronto Reference Library and seems to get...

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