19 Aug Hand Eye Society Ball 2016 Tickets On Sale!

+++ Buy Tickets! +++ At long last, our third annual fancy videogame party is back in town, ready to dazzle your senses with another spectacular night featuring music, dancing, and the best party videogames from around the world. Our last two shindigs -- held at the Art Gallery of...

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17 Aug Videogames Unraveled: A Knitting Circle Mini-Arcade [Video]

https://youtu.be/raaTBuaCzoY Missed our Videogames Unraveled event in April? Want to relive it, if only to see the screaming face sweater again? You're in luck, because YYZ Gameshow was there! Featuring the incomparable knitting talents of Brenna MacDonald from Yarns Untangled, the anxiety scarves of Tom Hobson, a virtual Knitting Simulator by...

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28 Jun Vector Festival and HES Member’s Discount

[caption id="attachment_24110" align="alignnone" width="558"] COLL.EO, still from The Fregoli Delusions: Chapter 1, machinima, colour, and sound (2016)[/caption] 4th Annual Vector Festival: Autonomous Agents As community partners, we at the Hand Eye Society are pleased to bring you a special announcement from Vector Festival and InterAccess! Vector Festival is a...

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16 Jun Comics vs Games: TCAF-feinated Recap!

Wow, Comics vs Games is already a month in the rearview mirror! Let’s take a look back at one of our most successful cross-disciplinary events, which takes place every year during the Toronto Comic Arts Festival at the Toronto Reference Library and seems to get...

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Kara Stone and her tattoo artist

06 May [Video] It’s TOJam Weekend!

The annual three-day game-making extravaganza begins today! THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES is the theme of the 11th year of the Toronto Game Jam. To celebrate we're releasing two TOJam related segments from episode 2 of YYZ Gameshow, our webseries about the Toronto game community. The first one...

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22 Apr Three HES Events for the Weekend and Beyond

Spring is finally here! Why not celebrate with some videogames in social, light-filled spaces? This is a little reminder about three Hand Eye Society events coming up this weekend (and one on Tues) that you or someone you know may be interested in attending. Whether...

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28 Mar End-of-March Events and Discounts

Hey everyone! GDC (Game Developer Conference) is over and Sagan is back from San Francisco. I was on a panel called Ripple Effect: How Women-in-Games Initiatives Make a Difference which went really well; shout-outs to Dames Making Games and lots of supportive folks in the audience! While...

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19 Feb Tuesday: Game Design Video Night at LabTO!

Hey everyone, this is on short-notice but this Tuesday we are tentatively kicking off a monthly meetup of sorts (working title: Game Dialogues) where we can get together to watch game design videos, online tutorials, microtalks, and have an opportunity to hang out with old friends and...

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