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IGDA Toronto Presents a Grab-Bag of Developer Chats

IGDA Toronto Presents: Grab-Bag of Developer Chats

Missed any big game conferences lately? This month we’re bringing the conference experience to you, with three different talks by local game developers!

  • Rogue Legacy Design Post Mortem: Budget Development – Teddy Lee, Cellar Door Games
  • What Modern Interior Design Teaches Us About Environment Art – Dan Cox, Ubisoft
  • Super Spy Crash Course: Teaching Players in Splinter Cell Blacklist – Laurent Malville, Ubisoft

We’ll have a social to follow, which may be your last and best shot at getting together with your jam team before we Party Like It’s 19TOJam9!

When: Tuesday April 22nd 7pm
Where: Metro Hall 55 John Street Toronto Room 308

Join the event on Facebook and follow @IGDAToronto on Twitter. All are welcome – an IGDA membership is not required to attend.

Comics vs Games 3!


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is fast approaching and with it another Comics vs Games! This year’s looks to be the biggest and best celebration of the two media yet!

Bento Miso are sponsoring this year’s events again and bringing back Bit Bazaar, their videogame arts and crafts show. Attract Mode return with a new twist on the gallery show with the Comics vs Games 3D Gallery featuring fully 3D artwork and three virtual reality collaborations between comic and game makers commissioned by Bento Miso playable on Oculus Rifts.

The Hand Eye Society and TCAF will be expanding last year’s single panel to a full day of programming: Comics vs Games Talks, featuring comic and game creators discussing their work and the intersection of the two art forms. It’s a stellar, diverse line up ranging from Faith Erin Hicks talking about creating The Last of Us: American Dreams to a panel discussion on autobiographical comics and games. We’ll be posting a full schedule soon!

All of the above is happening at the Bento Miso space. But we haven’t forgotten the TCAF main location either!

TCAF and Hand Eye will be bringing videogames back to the reference library with the Comics vs Games 3 Showcase featuring highlights from our original Comics vs Games project with TIFF Nexus, which you may remember paired game makers with comic creators to craft original games. In addition we’ll also have a selection of games from ARTXGAME courtesy of Attract Mode!  The first ARTXGAME show was the inspiration for Comics vs Games, and it featured game developers and illustrators creating games together. We’re very happy to be debuting many of these games in Canada for the first time.

More info to come but you can read about the current event line up in more detail on the Comics vs Games page.

Confused about what’s happening where and when? Here’s the breakdown!

At Bento Miso 
#300 – 862 Richmond Street West
Sat, May 10th  - 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

  • Bit Bazaar: Spring Fair 2014 – Presented by Bento Miso
  • The Comics vs Games 3D Gallery – Presented by Attract Mode and Bento Miso
  • Comics vs Games Talks – Presented by The Hand Eye Society and TCAF

Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street.
Sat May 10th – 9am-5pm
Sun May 11th – 11am-5pm

  • The Comics vs Games 3 Showcase – Presented by The Hand Eye Society and TCAF

All these events are free to the public!

Comics vs Games 3 is a Toronto Comics Arts Festival event sponsored by Bento Miso and co-organized with The Hand Eye Society and Attract Mode.

Games Are Indisputably Art For a Few More Weeks

The Art Gallery of Ontario exhibit featuring the Torontrons has been held over until the 26th — so the people who attend the Meet the Artists Talk featuring Jonathan Mak, Jim Munroe and Mark Connery can still check it out.

For those who missed the first sold out AGO event, the Fancy Videogame Party, they have thoughtfully provided some video documentation.

Sorry if you missed it. We’re not trying to rub it in, honest.

For linkage to the awesome games featured at FVP check out our posts here and here.

Note: In the video “Fun Hops” is attributed to Ryan Henwood, but it was co-written with DualRyan.

What Does a Fancy Videogame Party Look Like?

Last Friday’s sold-out Fancy Videogame Party saw over 600 people attend our huge event at the Art Gallery of Ontario, celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Hand Eye Society in collaboration with The Wild Rumpus.


With attendees dressed in everything from tuxedos and ball gowns to t-shirts and cosplay, the party presented a diverse selection of video games from across the globe. Games such as Towerfall: Ascension and Nidhogg (both above) drew large audiences thanks to their competitive play.


The AGO’s Weston Family Learning Centre proved to be the perfect venue for the night, with multiple levels, a “floating” seminar room, two bars, and various private nooks for relaxation and out-of-the-ordinary interactive experiences all set to a luxurious backdrop of concrete and glass.


One of the busiest areas for the night was JS Joust, a physical game played with motion controllers that challenged players to a 7-person last-one-standing battle.


The Interstellar Selfie Station: Print Club Edition was a non-stop human turnstile of party-goers grabbing selfie stickers of themselves in pixelated art style.


With a huge backdrop of games projected behind them, the night’s DJs Ryan Henwood (above), Dualryan and Coins set the party mood with their fantastic tunes, much of which has been featured in popular Toronto-made indie games.


Community partners Site3 coLaboratory helped us to build Splintercade machines, on which players could battle in rounds of Turnover and Tether.


Media coverage was great too!  SPACE TV (pictured) did a terrific 3 minute video, and the party was also featured in the National Post, Torontoist, Vice, CanoeGamezebo, Dorkshelf, Toronto Star & Got Game.


Thanks to community partners Vector Game + Art Convergence Festival, the party also hosted a roaming arcade backpack by the UCLA Game Lab.


Toughest-sport-in-the-world Super Pole Riders was previewed in its PlayStation 4 build, making for one of the more uproarious games at the party.


The massive space made for an interesting atmosphere that felt half-nightclub, half-gallery (but by all reports, all-fun). Tenya Wanya Teens with its special multi-coloured-many-buttoned controller was also featured in on the bottom floor alongside The Yawhg, both of which provided more narrative-driven offerings to the crowd.


While two large capacity areas hosted the bulk of attendees, a private room complete with bean bags and loungers was available for those desiring a chill-out space along with the visuals and sounds of Panoramical, played using a special midi controller.

More photos:





Photos: Dean Tomlinson (w/ AGO watermark) and Stephen Reese (Hand Eye Society).

How did you enjoy the Fancy Videogame Party? Feel free to sent comments/pictures to


Super Pole Riders (Bennett Foddy)

Towerfall: Ascension (Matt Thorson)

Nidhogg (Messhof)

JS Joust (Die Gute Fabrik)

Interstellar Selfie Station: Print Club Edition (Love Conquers All Games & Nadine Lessio)

Turnover (Chad Toprak, Kalonica Quigley, Rhys Van Der Waerden, Shannon Barnes and Arden Beckwith)

Tether (Matt Rix, Dan Cox & Whitaker Trebella)

Panoramical (Fernando Ramallo & David Kanaga)

Tenya Wanya Teens (Uvula, Wild Rumpus & Venus Patrol)

The Yawhg (Damian Sommer & Emily Carroll)


Ryan Henwood




Splintercade (Jonatan Van Hove)

UCLA Game Lab Arcade Backpack (UCLA Game Lab)


The sold out FANCY VIDEOGAME PARTY is almost here! Fanciness levels are now at a “9″ on the party scale and awkward dancing is ready to commence this Friday, February 21.

Today we’re announcing the complete lineup for the party, curated by the Hand Eye Society with rambunctious co-organizers The Wild Rumpus and hosted by the Art Gallery of Ontario.

With an anticipated audience of almost 700 attendees, tickets are now completely sold out. If you’ve got a ticket, we look forward to celebrating 5 years of the Hand Eye Society with you! If not, try your best hunting for tickets on Twitter or the Facebook event page!

For details from the initial lineup announcement — including The YawhgTetherInterstellar Selfie Station PRINT CLUB EDITION, Tenya Wanya TeensJS Joust and Nidhogg – see our previous post.


Featured DJs

Ryan Henwood (Toronto)

Ryan Henwood

Ryan Henwood is a sound designer and musician working on the upcoming Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime and The Phantom P.I. He wears the mask of vocoding to bring happy dancey space music to the masses.

Dualryan (Toronto)


Ryan Roth aka Dualryan is an ambient electronic artist whose music has been featured in indie game hits such as The Yawhg, Electronic Super Joy and Starseed Pilgrim.

Coins (Toronto)


Performing under the moniker “Coins,” Peter Chapman has had music in Mod Nation Racers and Tales From Space: About a Blob and its sequel Mutant Blobs Attack. Best described as “Electro house chippy tune dance party.”


Gaming Fanciness

Towerfall: Ascension
by Matt Thorson (Vancouver)


This competitive arena battle game pits four players against one another in intense archery combat matches alongside a macabre collection of power-ups. Out on the Ouya now as Towerfall and coming to PC & PS4 as Towerfall: Ascension in 2014!

Pole Riders
by Bennett Foddy


Perhaps the most difficult sport ever conceived by humankind, Pole Riders challenges two combatants to knock a ball into their opponent’s zone. The catch? The ball’s attached to a wire and you each have to use a giant pole to reach it. Eat your heart out, Olympics.

by Chad Toprak, Kalonica Quigley, Rhys Van Der Waerden, Shannon Barnes and Arden Beckwith


Best described as a “A four player multigravity steal-the-ball-n-run frenzy,” Turnover is the most likely game at the party to give you an enjoyable amount of vertigo. Turnover will be played on our custom-made Splintercade game boards — see below!

by Fernando Ramallo (Berlin) & David Kanaga (Oakland)


PANORAMICAL is an album of interactive musical landscapes with analog controls, a series of morphing musical places for players to explore, fiddle and immerse in. Setup in a private chill space at the party, PANORAMICAL is coming to PC/Mac in 2014!


Hardware Hacking Wizardry

UCLA Game Lab Arcade Backpack
Concept by UCLA Game Lab (Los Angeles), design by Steven Amrhein (Los Angeles)

Photo by Myleen Hollero

This videogame arcade backpack will be touring throughout the Fancy Videogame Party, featuring games such as Burn & Turn (Peter Lu),  Scratch Race (Mark Essen) and Cruise Control (Eddo Stern). Brought to the Fancy Videogame Party thanks to local community partner Vector: Game + Art Convergence Festival, taking place Feb 19-23, 2014.

Designed by Jonatan Van Hove (Copenhagen), copy built by Site3 coLaboratory (Toronto)


Thanks to our wonderful Toronto-based community partner Site3 coLaboratory, we’ll have playable Splintercade arcade machines at the party. The Splintercade is a mixed material display platform designed by Jonatan Van Hove that is played on the floor, at standing height.

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