START – A Week of Art Games at OCAD


Free, Open to the Public
1 Week: Monday Sept. 13 – Friday Sept. 17
8am – 10pm Daily / closes Friday at 4:00pm
Gala: Thursday evening
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The goal is to promote “art games” created in Toronto and beyond. The plan is to let visitors play a variety of unique games, and let them decide for themselves which are art. This is the first START, and hopefully it becomes a yearly event with a strong “games as art” focus. START will be held at the Ontario College of Art & Design.

Everything takes place in one very large room, traditionally used to display paintings. 5 PC’s will project games as large as possible – one projector is HUGE. It will be impressive. Visitors can drop by anytime (open daily until 10:00pm) including Thursday (the Gala). Playing games at OCAD on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday evening will be a memorable experience – especially on that giant projector. During the day, we’re expecting hundreds of students and hope to have people building games in the space. Due to time and budget constraints, we will mostly be showing PC indie games.

We’re currently finalizing the games list. If you have game suggestions (including your own), e-mail jimmcginley-AT-rogers-DOT-com. The more obscure and less traditional the better.

– – –
Upcoming Dates

Sept. 9 Thu 7:30 – 9:00
IGDA Presentation: Longbow Digital Arts team talks about Hegemony
IGDA Social at Elephant & Castle afterwards.

Sept. 13 Mon 8:00am
START… starts!

Sept. 16 Thu 6:00 – 10:00
START Gala Night - details currently being ironed out.
Probably a presentation or panel – perhaps a cheese plate.

Sept. 17 Fri 4:00pm
START… finishes!

Sept. 18 Sat 7:00 – 11:00
The Indie Showcase – separate from START but just as awesome
The showcase will be more of a party and indie focused.

Sept. 9 – 19 – Toronto International Film Festival
Can’t recommend the Midnight Madness audience and movies enough.

Oct. 2 – Nuite Blanche
The Arcadian Renaissance – 6 Indie Arcade cabinets will be free-to-play at the Bell Lightbox.

Your Hand Eye reaction time is Unbelievable

Just wanted to send sincere thanks to the MANY Hand Eye members that came out to the TOJam Arcade (specifically the members that didn’t actually make a game). Given how busy I know everyone here is, I honestly did not expect to see so many hands and eyes. The TOJam games need an audience and it means a lot to the organizers and all the game makers to have the support. Truly I was touched.

Now what’s it going to take to get McGrath to sign-up?

The TOJam #4 Arcade – May 22 – Public, Free!

The TOJam #4 Arcade

it's perfectly readable, you just need glasses

Friday May 22nd
7:30pm – Midnight
Open to the Public

29 games were created and they want… nay… NEED to be shown!
Not only will you be playing, you’ll be voting.
oooo… now that’s what I call interactive.

6 games will be projected at a time, changing every half hour.
Drinks are available at the bar, to help your hand eye skills.
Official Kickoff at 7:45pm. BE PROMPT!

Due to size limitations we cannot hold the TOJam Arcade at the excellent Unit bar. We will be found instead at The Blue Moon Pub, located near downtown Toronto on Queen Street near Broadview. Hope to be back at cozy & sleek Unit for the next social.

Full details including map here.

The TOJam Arcade Needs YOU

What a Cutey!
Greetings children of the quarter!
TOJam >just< finished and it was glorious!
90 people, 29 games, 1 Jammer from Vancouver.
See for all sorts of funky stuff.

Which brings us to the TOJam Arcade celebration
Friday May 22nd, 7 – Midnight. Blue Moon bar on Queen near Broadview.
We’ll project 6 games at a time onto the walls, and rotate through all 29.
We did this last year and a fine time was had by all.
Note: May 22nd is NOT the long weeknd.

We totally need your help.
We need 6 machines/laptops, and we must get 29 games working on those 6 machines. For Flash games this is easy. For XNA games, it’s very hard. We’re looking for 6 good people who:

  • Own a decent machine / laptop with a decent graphics card. i.e. Less than 2 – 3 years old. Preferably Windows XP or Vista – MAC Bootcamp running Windows might work. Benchmark: If your machine can play games (you need to download an ActiveX control to test), that’s all we need.
  • Are willing to install and test/play games on that machine / laptop – including supporting libraries like .Net 3.5 and XNA. This won’t damange/comprimise your machine, but if this a machine you use for game DEVELOPMENT, you probably don’t want to introduce newer DLLs.
  • Will bring that machine / laptop to the TOJam Arcade. We’ll be hooking it up to a projector, and can attach an external mouse/keyboard so the laptops are not exposed to filthy humans.
  • (Bonus) Will come to my house near Church/Dundas for ~6 hour install/test game bonanza. The Arcade before the Arcade. It would make it way easier to troubleshoot and fix things (rather than using e-mail/the phone). Date for this powwow to be determined.

This would count towards the 10 hours of “Hand Eye Society” volunteer time.
Please e-mail asap if you’re able to help:
Subject: What luck! I have 6 machines and 6 projectors. They’re YOURS!

Super Double Ultra Mega Bonus Help
Does anyone besides Craig have a projector they can bring to the TOJam Arcade!? E-mail me asap: Renting one projector costs ~$150 for 1 night, and we need 6. Anything that can be done to avoid that cost would be sincerely appreciated. While our TOJam sponsors are fantastic, they was only enough money to cover TOJam expenses (tables, fans, Internet, extension cords, power bars, tarps). We’d rather put that $900 towards a cool black leather jacket.

p.s. The cat is an attempt to balance that disturbing Eye within Eye image.

“5 in 25″ aka. The Second Social, Thursday, April 23

Yuck Hand Eye

The Hand Eye Society is pleased to announce “5 in 25″ (our second social), for videogame makers and enthusiasts Thursday, April 23, 7 – 10pm. It’s once again at the bar Unit (1198 Queen Street W.) in Parkdale and it’s free. Meet some great people, have a few drinks, and catch what local indie game makers are up to.

“5 in 25″

At 8:00pm, there will be 5 quick presentations from 5 Toronto indie game developers. Featuring cute monsters, funky claymation, stylized mayhem, interactive fiction, and the world’s ultimate multiplayer game. The audience will be required to interact, and the only goal is excitement. Hosted by Jim McGinley, who dreams of playing Barney Fife on the big screen. At 8:30pm the shenanigans will end, and the socializing will continue.

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