Author: Mark Rabo


31 Mar TIFF Nexus Event – New Media Literacies

Hi everyone, another TIFF Nexus conference and jam is just around the corner, April 20th. With the Hand Eye Society as one of the leading partners you may find it interesting if you're making games, involved with youth, education, or interested in where media is...

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21 Feb Canadians @ GDC Photo

[caption id="attachment_2588" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Canadians @ GDC 2011"][/caption] Hey everyone, I'm doing another Canadians @ GDC photo this year - it's nice having a souvenir of that moment in time with great friends in a great place and the birthplace of internet memes. I won't know when and...

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06 May Agents! Hand Eye Social Announcement

It is time for another meeting of our Hand Eye Society, the meeting known as The Social. The location will be as usual and as follows: Date: Thursday, May 19th, 2011 Location: The Unit Bar (map) Time: 7:30pm It will cover ARGs (alternate reality games) or, as they are...

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18 Oct Open Call for Indie Games [Gamercamp]

While not much compares to console-for-Christmas euphoria, we're still really pumped about showcasing local Toronto games at Gamercamp. If you're a local dev and are interested in showing your project, we've got two ways you can do that. 1) Theatre Demos: demo your game on a...

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05 Oct Arcadian Renaissance Documentation

The Arcadian Renaissance exhibit at Nuit Blanche was an amazing success. Hundreds of people came and played, many more watched as games were projected on the wall. The energy was phenomenal. If you missed it, get into your time machine and set the date to...

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01 Feb PAX East Roadtrip 2010

Since a bunch of us are going to PAX East in Boston this year, why not all go together and make it an epic roadtrip. Fast food, car farts and interminable boredom await...

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07 Nov Gamercamp Toronto (Nov 21)

There's a gaming event coming up called Gamercamp that I'm helping organize and I think you might really dig it. Alot of the community is already involved and it would be great to have you there too. It's a one day event that happens right here...

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