Author: Al Donato

02 Apr Attack on April Season 1: Event Roundup

Some tremendous news: so far 10 game companies have signed up for our new Studio Membership option, making it possible for us to run a free Camp Make-a-Game for kids in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood this summer! We’ll be naming and raving about each studio in our...

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We’re trying something new with the Hand Eye monthly newsletter this time around. Instead of one enormous compilation of every timely indie game-related thing, you’ll get TWO newsletters in March with different focuses for max readability (that's why they call it a "digest")! This first half...

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01 Jan January’s Jovial Jewels: event roundup

Happy New Years, Hand Eye people! At this point, you’re probably less hungover or groggy than you were last night, so kudos on the whole coherent thought thing. For 2017, we’re resolved to continue bringing this newsletter hot and borderline fresh to your doorstep. (BTW,...

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